The Third Trimester

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Twenty eight weeks of pregnancy have passed. Ankles have swollen, and you may have recently started doing the famous pregnancy “waddle”. Simple tasks are becoming more and more difficult with a round belly in front of you, and you can’t remember the last time you were able to tie your own shoes. You are tired, and just about ready for baby the to come.
Although it may not be all that convenient, you are creating life. The developing baby inside of you is nothing less than a miracle. At this point your baby has been compared to a bunch of different fruits, and you’re feelings little flutters in your tummy as if your baby is saying “Mommy, I’m here!” Pretty soon, you will no longer be the warm shelter for your baby; they’ll be here for you to hold!
These last weeks will fly by and you do NOT want to miss commemorating this memory forever! As your child grows and grows, you can’t help but to reminisce on when they were in your tummy! Maternity portraits capture this time you have while baby is baking! Photos trigger memories and emotions. You can never go back in time after you give birth, and this is the only way to freeze these moments. That beautiful round belly only exists for a few months of your pregnancy, and soon your baby will be an adult walking and talking! Never has anyone said “I wish I didn’t have maternity pictures taken”!

4 Tips for (Pre) Back-to-School

Snapshot A: It’s 8 o’clock on Monday morning of the first day back to school. Mom is in the kitchen working frantically to simultaneously finish packing lunch and making breakfast. In the back corner of course is dad, caught mid-sprint in the midst of battle against the curse of the missing sock, because somehow little Jimmy managed to misplace one foot of every pair in his drawer. And yet, through all this chaos and panic, sweet little Suzy remains sound asleep. Did we mention that class begins promptly at 9am? P.S….mom’s in pajamas.

Snapshot B: Dad is on his way out to start the car, morning trash in hand. The kids are seated at the foot of the stairs, clothes on, tummies fed, bags packed and emergency allowances tucked away for safe keeping. Mom is pulling out her camera because this first day moment is pure picture perfection!

They say that you should prepare as much as you can the night beforehand – lay out the clothes, pack the bags, prepare the lunches and the list goes on. But they also say that early birds get the worm, and with that we could not agree more! Here are four tips for getting the family ready for back to school and ahead of the game.


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3 Tips for Captivating Portraits

Toddlers, high school seniors, soon-to-be moms and dads – it’s no secret that portrait photography is one of the things on which we pride ourself the most. But how to go about creating a portrait like no other?

True or false? At the core, all portraits are exactly the same. Often true! But at William Edwards Photography we know they don’t have to be. Here are 3 tips for creating more visually captivating portraits at home… Continue reading “3 Tips for Captivating Portraits”

Class of 2018 Senior Magazine

It’s that time of year again. Every year at about this time, high school juniors get their senior portraits done before they start their senior year at the end of the summer—and every year, we create a guide to help the students and parents with this process.

These senior portraits are a very important part of a student’s life. After all, this is their chance to tell their story and to share with everyone what they love and what is important to them at this time. This is their chance to make their mark on their yearbooks, and we do everything we can to help them do just that.

Although there are multiple session types for students to choose from, most go with our Ultimate Senior Session. This allows students to bring in four outfits of their choice as well as a pet or best friend and any type of vehicle—water craft or road vehicles. This gives them more freedom to express themselves and truly find the images that best fit them.

Along with the more personal images, students will also get the cap and gown portrait and yearbook attire (tuxes for boys and a black drape for girls). Most schools require those images for the yearbook, though Highland High School and Paraclete High School will accept a personal-style portrait for the yearbook.

We’re so excited for the incoming class of 2018, and we can’t wait to help them celebrate their senior year with these portrait sessions!


Gender Reveal Session – Matthew & Daphne

Matthew and Daphne are expecting their first baby in September, on the 15th, and they asked us to photograph their gender reveal.

This gender reveal was particularly meaningful because Daphne works with us. She is a portrait consultant, and she and Matthew, who works at General Atomic, have been together a while now. We’re so excited for both of them!

For their reveal, the two of them brought a gender reveal balloon from The Balloon Factory in Lancaster. The balloon itself had a giant question mark on it, with blue and pink balloons around it in a bunch. Matthew and Daphne had their doctor write down the gender in an envelope, which they took to the company, and The Balloon Factory took care of the rest, putting the gender reveal color inside the balloon for them.

Daphne wanted us to be sure to capture the expressions on their faces when the balloon popped and they saw what they were having. We loved that moment, as well as when the realization dawned on them that they were having a GIRL! Daphne thought for sure that it would be a boy.


Thank you, Matthew & Daphne, for sharing this special moment with us! We’re so excited for your little girl to come in September!


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