Gender Reveal Session – Matthew & Daphne

Matthew and Daphne are expecting their first baby in September, on the 15th, and they asked us to photograph their gender reveal.

This gender reveal was particularly meaningful because Daphne works with us. She is a portrait consultant, and she and Matthew, who works at General Atomic, have been together a while now. We’re so excited for both of them!

For their reveal, the two of them brought a gender reveal balloon from The Balloon Factory in Lancaster. The balloon itself had a giant question mark on it, with blue and pink balloons around it in a bunch. Matthew and Daphne had their doctor write down the gender in an envelope, which they took to the company, and The Balloon Factory took care of the rest, putting the gender reveal color inside the balloon for them.

Daphne wanted us to be sure to capture the expressions on their faces when the balloon popped and they saw what they were having. We loved that moment, as well as when the realization dawned on them that they were having a GIRL! Daphne thought for sure that it would be a boy.


Thank you, Matthew & Daphne, for sharing this special moment with us! We’re so excited for your little girl to come in September!


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