Class of 2018 Senior Magazine

It’s that time of year again. Every year at about this time, high school juniors get their senior portraits done before they start their senior year at the end of the summer—and every year, we create a guide to help the students and parents with this process.

These senior portraits are a very important part of a student’s life. After all, this is their chance to tell their story and to share with everyone what they love and what is important to them at this time. This is their chance to make their mark on their yearbooks, and we do everything we can to help them do just that.

Although there are multiple session types for students to choose from, most go with our Ultimate Senior Session. This allows students to bring in four outfits of their choice as well as a pet or best friend and any type of vehicle—water craft or road vehicles. This gives them more freedom to express themselves and truly find the images that best fit them.

Along with the more personal images, students will also get the cap and gown portrait and yearbook attire (tuxes for boys and a black drape for girls). Most schools require those images for the yearbook, though Highland High School and Paraclete High School will accept a personal-style portrait for the yearbook.

We’re so excited for the incoming class of 2018, and we can’t wait to help them celebrate their senior year with these portrait sessions!


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