The Third Trimester

Meck, Brandon-0310-Edit

Twenty eight weeks of pregnancy have passed. Ankles have swollen, and you may have recently started doing the famous pregnancy “waddle”. Simple tasks are becoming more and more difficult with a round belly in front of you, and you can’t remember the last time you were able to tie your own shoes. You are tired, and just about ready for baby the to come.
Although it may not be all that convenient, you are creating life. The developing baby inside of you is nothing less than a miracle. At this point your baby has been compared to a bunch of different fruits, and you’re feelings little flutters in your tummy as if your baby is saying “Mommy, I’m here!” Pretty soon, you will no longer be the warm shelter for your baby; they’ll be here for you to hold!
These last weeks will fly by and you do NOT want to miss commemorating this memory forever! As your child grows and grows, you can’t help but to reminisce on when they were in your tummy! Maternity portraits capture this time you have while baby is baking! Photos trigger memories and emotions. You can never go back in time after you give birth, and this is the only way to freeze these moments. That beautiful round belly only exists for a few months of your pregnancy, and soon your baby will be an adult walking and talking! Never has anyone said “I wish I didn’t have maternity pictures taken”!

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