4 Tips for (Pre) Back-to-School

Snapshot A: It’s 8 o’clock on Monday morning of the first day back to school. Mom is in the kitchen working frantically to simultaneously finish packing lunch and making breakfast. In the back corner of course is dad, caught mid-sprint in the midst of battle against the curse of the missing sock, because somehow little Jimmy managed to misplace one foot of every pair in his drawer. And yet, through all this chaos and panic, sweet little Suzy remains sound asleep. Did we mention that class begins promptly at 9am? P.S….mom’s in pajamas.

Snapshot B: Dad is on his way out to start the car, morning trash in hand. The kids are seated at the foot of the stairs, clothes on, tummies fed, bags packed and emergency allowances tucked away for safe keeping. Mom is pulling out her camera because this first day moment is pure picture perfection!

They say that you should prepare as much as you can the night beforehand – lay out the clothes, pack the bags, prepare the lunches and the list goes on. But they also say that early birds get the worm, and with that we could not agree more! Here are four tips for getting the family ready for back to school and ahead of the game.


1. Get the kids back on their school sleep schedule at least one week prior to the start of classes. By getting back into the routine early, you’ll decrease your chances of running those late mornings and looking like Snapshot A.

2. As summer nears its end, plan family outings so as to stimulate your children and help them to make the switch back to scholar mode. Attractions like museums, aquariums, science centers and observatories are great to name a few. For a list of fun and educational activities that you can do in Los Angeles, click here.

3. If your children aren’t big readers already, encourage them to read at least one book before the start of school. For the younger ones who are just learning to read, this will help to maintain skills, while older children can always benefit from acquired language. Read on about the benefits here.

4. Get extra organized using apps like iHomework and MyHomeWork to help in keeping track of assignments. Stay on top and never miss a deadline again.

If you follow these tips your transition back to school should be hiccup free and who knows? You may even have some extra time to snap that perfect shot on Monday morning!


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